1. Strengthen the business relation with your customers and meet the expectations of the European industry.

To strengthen the relationship with your clients and have a good internationalization development, it is necessary to establish long business relationships.

Therefore, obtain the loyalty and trust of your customers is the key to success. To summarize, by making the Socio-Commercial link stronger, there will be flexibility during negotiations and by solving unforeseen events. Do not forget to keep cultural differences in mind, it is a very important issue.

To become one of the preferred industrial suppliers by the European industry, you must meet their expectations in all aspects.
According to the current scenario, the real American’s competitors are China and some other countries, in particular by export from mass consumption products.

Now, considering the European market as a buyer:

    What characteristics should industrial suppliers have?
    How to become a preferred supplier?

It is not only about prices, but there are a number of aspects in relation to your product, to your company and your personality, which must be mastered, before you make contact and start with the negotiation process.

We guide you throughout the process so you can:

  • Adapt your communication strategy.
  • Recognize differences and engage culturally.
  • Perform cultural integration activities.
  • Maintain a good relationship with your foreign clients.
  • Identify the appropriate business partners and make contact with them strategically.
  • Take advantage of business opportunities.
  • Get fair prices and good payment terms.

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2. Representation and support in negotiations

Performing regular visits to your customers / suppliers in Europe, being outside it, is expensive and tedious; but not doing it, is even more expensive, it is harmful. Achieving close business relationships mean constant work in Europe, we do it for you.

EXPORTA€UROPA, being constantly present, develops and strengthens communication between companies.

You are looking for: Who represents you? Who does your activities in Europe?