From Germany, the European center and the strongest economy in the Union, we offer our services in order that producers located in Latinamerica can sell their products in the European markets.

About us?Jaramillo Vertrieb Lateinamerika GmbH.
We are a group of Latin American immigrants who works for the sustainable development of our countries.

We provide a guide on this website so that you get a sense of what you need to do to market your products in Europe.


e develop new techniques and use proven methodologies made in Germany, to the expansion and positioning of multinationals in world markets. We adapt these methodologies to companies like yours, so that they can sell and establish themselves in European markets.

Why are we in the middle of Europa? aside from being the strongest economic zone in the European Union, here we find the most populated countries with high purchasing capacity. EXPORTA€EUROPA helps to fulfill the need of raw materials by their industry and the demand of finished and exotics products by its inhabitants. From middle Europe we distribute to the rest of the continent.

Efficiency, quality and transparency, is the basis of our services and ourselves.

EXPORTA€UROPA: We market your products in the European Union.

Sales in the European market under your own brand: We establish your brand in the largest market in the world.

Formalize your export: we guide you through the way into the European markets.

Wholesaler: You decide how you want to sell. Raw material, private label and/or OEM.

Relationship with industrial clients: we prepare you to be one of the preferred suppliers by the European industry.