In exporta Europa, we are specialized in companies like yours, located outside the European Union looking for new export markets

1. Sales under your brand

Market analysis
Advertising and marketing
Product development aimed at your Target Consumer

Do you have unique products? Do you want to sell them in European markets under your own brand?

How to export to Europe

2. Formalize your export

Meet the requirements
Certify according to your market
Check compliance with the norms

The exporter is obliged to declare…
… the regulation varies according to the product.

* If you already export! continue to step 3

3. Sell your products in Europe

Own-Brand label

Are you looking for distributors?

How to export to Europe

4. Relationship with industrial clients

Europeans … how to negotiate with them
Communication strategy
Cultural integration

…getting the trust and loyalty of your clients.

The 4 stages to establish your products in the European Union are:

1. Analyze the market, strategically plan your expansion and develop your products aimed at the European consumer.

2. Comply with the requirements to export your products to the European Union.

3. Start promotion and sales in the most attractive markets.

4. Maintain the relationship with customers, integrate culturally and meet their expectations.

Your benefits:

Our commercial networks.
Our local market staff.
Our strategic location.
We beat the border, the language and the culture.
Online Sales AMAZON Europe.
Established distribution networks.
Direct contact with the Multinational industry.
We have the European infrastructure.
And, we are Natives with you and with them too.

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